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Former CEO Shares A Three-Letter Word That Could Help You Succeed in Life



Graphics by Aljun S. Cainghog, Metro Cebu News

Well, this might sound so cliche, but your mindset will take you far, especially when achieving your goals in life.

Your mindset is the fuel for your hard work. While there are times we think we can’t make it, acknowledging that achieving our goals isn’t always easy can make a difference.

The former CEO of Yum Brands which operates your favorite fast-food chains like KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, The Habit Burger Grill, and WingStreet, David Novak shares his mindset when facing challenges.

In his article in CNBC, Novak said that deterring negative thoughts by adding this powerful three-letter word “yet” helped his company become a successful international brand.

Reframing can be a great psychological technique to change our perspective on a difficult situation or experience.

This isn’t denying your feelings towards your situation or just having wishful thinking. Reframing is acknowledging the challenges ahead and having a productive way of thinking about your current situation.

Reframing “not” to “not yet” can help you change your perspective on problems you might face.

“When I was building Yum Brands, I wanted it to become a global powerhouse. However, a voice kept popping up in my head, saying: “We aren’t known as a legitimate international company.”

That was definitely true at first, but one day I decided to add “yet” to the end of that thought: “We are not a successful international company … yet.” Each time I felt defeated or unmotivated, I repeated this sentence to myself,” Novak shares.

He said he gained the confidence to take huge strategic risks in the global market which paid off for them. Today, the Yum Brand is one of the world’s largest brands in the world.

Achieving our goals or making big decisions in our life can be difficult. Don’t put yourself inside a box by saying you can “not” try reforming it by saying “not yet”.

Make “I can not do it” to “I can not do it yet” open doors for improvement rather than just giving it up. (ASC)


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