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Purpose in the Waiting



We are living in a microwave generation. Everything has to happen right now. We can’t wait, and results have to be instant. The same can be with how we see our purpose sometimes.

We might believe God has called us to something – to lead thousands in worship, to have a thriving business and earn a 6-figure salary, to find the love of our lives and get married, to travel the world preaching the gospel…the list goes on. There is nothing wrong with believing for these things to come to pass. However, more than often it takes time and waiting for us to get to that place.

It is estimated that David was only around 15 years old when he was anointed by Samuel to become the king of Israel (1 Samuel 16), yet David did not take up this position until he was 30 years old (2 Samuel 5:4). In those years of waiting, God prepared David to become a king. It was in the wilderness where David learned some of the most valuable lessons of his life, where all he could rely on was God.

Studying the Psalms gives us an insight into the sorrow David went through, the tears he shed, but also how he learned of God’s faithfulness, of His great love, and how David could find his strength and refuge in Him. Read Psalm 25. Going through these times shaped David into the great, godly man that God had appointed to become king of Israel.

Just like David, the waiting is a season where things might not be easy, but it is a season where God prepares us for everything that is ahead as we step into all that He has for us. Rest assured that God goes with you as you step out into the great things He has in store for you.

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