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Milk: Why Filipinos Need it at Any Age



“Filipinos are not milk drinkers,” according to Ms. Zenaida Velasco, National President of the Nutritionists-Dietitians Association of the Philippines (NDAP).

Despite milk being considered a complete food, packed with 18 of the 22 essential nutrients we need, Filipinos do not drink enough milk. In fact, many Filipinos are lacking the right amount of calcium in their bodies. In 2006, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) found that only 57% of Filipinos meet the recommended daily allowance or RDA for calcium.

More than 15 years later, this number has not improved. This does not bode well for a country like the Philippines where stunting caused by malnutrition continues to be a major public health concern, especially among young children.

As the Kasambuhay sa Kalusugan ng Pamilyang Pilipino, Nestlé Philippines couldn’t agree more with Ms. Velasco about the need to encourage milk consumption. NDAP is one of the company’s key partners in helping equip local nutritionists and dietitians with proper information about nutrition to guide Filipinos in their health and wellness journey.

Critical for a healthy childhood

According to health experts, brain development among children is critical until age four. It is around this age that a child’s curiosity and self-discovery are heightened. It is both an exciting and important stage – one where toddlers learn and develop in many ways – from physical, cognitive to motor and social.

While growing up, school children need nutrients that will support their physical growth in terms of the ideal height and weight vis-à-vis their age, keep them alert and lively, and develop their muscles, bones, and teeth. Drinking milk with Lactobacillus Protectus, DHA and immunonutrients, which are found in NIDO 3+, can help kids experience a healthy childhood.

For bone health and more

Contrary to popular belief, milk goes beyond bone health. While we know milk to be high in calcium, it is also a good source of protein, phosphorous, potassium, B-vitamins, among others, that our body needs to function well.

School children, who are returning to face-to-face classes, must have the ‘doble tibay ng resistensya at katawan’ to keep them from missing out and being absent. They need a combination of nutrients that will help strengthen both their body and mind, according to BEAR BRAND.

Going back to school also means being able to play their favorite sports again. With this excitement comes the need to level up their game once more. To do this, children need to start their day right with a drink that contains milk and energy-releasing vitamins, and they can get these from MILO daily.

Recess is also an important yet fun meal time for students. Choco milk drinks, like CHUCKIE, are a good source of milk for strong bones and sharp minds.

‘Pambata lang yan’

Milk is not just for kids. Drinking milk must start at home and among all the family members. It’s a daily habit that parents, teenagers, young adults, and even grandparents should practice. Having one to two glasses of milk a day, including fresh milk, provides protein for muscle repair and calcium for maintenance of bones – across any age.

Studies have shown that prolonged low calcium intake leads to brittle bones as we age. Keeping the bones healthy is imperative for adults, especially at 50 years and above. This becomes a problem if Filipino adults remain non-milk drinkers. This is where fortified milks, like BOOST, come in to fight loss of muscle mass, build immunity, and promote digestive health. These are all important to help keep adults feeling bagets and have the strength to continue doing the things they love.

It may only be one to two glasses a day, but Filipinos at different life stages and with different needs can benefit so much more from drinking milk daily.

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