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Corporate Dads: How to Balance Work and Personal Life



As we celebrate Father’s Day this month of June, Corporate Dads share about their way of life, struggles, and how they manage to keep all the hats.

Top salesman for the world’s most prestigious and luxurious automotive and real estate brands, Mr. Kerwin Michael O is not only an exemplary salesman but also tops being a Dad as his main motivation to strive hard is to provide for his family. In his line of work, Mr. O gets to meet a lot of people and one of the keys to closing a sale is looking your best all the time, that is where the American Crew Forming Cream comes in as it provides excellent pliability, and a natural shine for the hair. This styling product contains Glycerin that softens and swells the hair shaft making hair appear thicker. Surely, there’s an American Crew product perfect for every Dad.

Mr. Luke Lee, Ayala Malls Regional Manager shares how he manages work and family very well, “I draw my strength & determination from my faith and my famiLEE. One of the great challenges of our generation is juggling work and family so I reflect a lot on how to integrate my duties at work with my responsibilities at home. My career growth shouldn’t come at the expense of my family, nor should be present at home compromise my ability to deliver the desired results at work. I’m blessed to have a very supportive family at work and at home.”

Busy dads like Mr. Lee should have a skincare routine that fits well with an active lifestyle, American Crew Acumen products are best for that well-groomed and invigorated, ready to take on the corporate world.

Sven Group’s Executive Digital Director & President, Mr. Arvi Villacin has been in the Digital industry for 14 years, and about seven years ago, he landed a significant job being a Dad. With his many hats, it is interesting to know how Mr. Villacin manages to be on top of his game, “Juggling between work and family is a daily mindful balancing act for all work-in-progress parents. Life is also work, which we never stop doing, and parenting can be the greatest motivator for us to continue to become better individuals in multiple aspects”. As inspiring as Sven’s Chief’s success, Mr. Villacin accepts that family, life, and work are stressful. As stress gets into you, there could never be a second-best option for a bathroom essential than American Crew’s 3 in 1 Tea Tree, not only because of its refreshing scent but it leaves hair dandruff free and allows the skin to stay acne-free.

Let your Dads know their efforts are appreciated and keep them in style with American Crew’s products available on Shopee.

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