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Japan Sets 1,000,000 Gigabytes per Second Data Transmission Speed Record



Japan has once again proved why it’s renowned for its technological feats as researchers from the country achieve a new data transmission speed record.

The data transmission speed record was reported by the Network Research Institute of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) as the group of researchers reached a transmission speed of over one petabit (PB) per second via a standard fiber optic cable.

The researchers reported having successfully reached a peak of 1.02 petabit per second transmission speed covering a distance of 51.7 km, a first of its kind in the world.

Petabit is a unit of data, which is equivalent to 125000 Gigabytes (GB). This means having a 1.02 PB transmission speed is equivalent to downloading 127,500 GB of data per second.

This is not the first time Japan has reached a transmission speed of 1 PB, however, the scientists from NICT have previously reported reaching 1.01 PB per second data transmission speeds in December 2020.

The data transmission speed was also reached using a fiber optic cable.

Moreover, according to New Atlas, the technology used to achieve the 1 PB mark is compatible with existing infrastructure and manufacturing processes. This means that transitioning to the new technology may not be a great challenge to service providers once resources are available and the technology is made available for mass consumption. (GFB)


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