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Instagram Rolls Out New Slightly Tweaked Logo, New Typeface in Visual Refresh of the Brand



Image from Instagram

Instagram is giving its brand a “visual refresh” this week as the company announced in a blog post on Monday

The visual upgrade of Instagram includes a new slightly tweaked and brighter logo, a new typeface, and full-screen marketing layouts.

According to Instagram, the visual refresh of the brand is designed to further embrace evolution and to “create immersive and inclusive experiences.”


Instagram’s new typeface is called “Instagram Sans,” inspired by the brand’s logo.

According to Instagram, the font was specifically inspired by the squares and circles, in what Instagram called as “squircles.”

Moreover, Instagram Sans is a contemporary take on geometric and grotesque styles. The typeface includes Regular, Bold, Light, Medium, Condensed, and Condensed Bold.

According to Instagram, the new typeface will be a new way for the community to express themselves.

“Instagram Sans is a new way for our global community to express themselves on Instagram in places like Stories and Reels,” the company said.

Moreover, Instagram Sans also adapts to global scripts such as Arabic, Thai, and Japanese.


Instagram’s new logo features a new gradient that was made using a 3D modeling process.

The new gradient is more vibrant, making it feel “illuminated and alive,” according to the company.

Full-screen layout

Instagram has also been testing a TikTok-Esque full-screen layout that is “content-forward,” according to the company.

The full-screen layout test still included the navigation bar for accessing the discovery tab and reels.

The top bar is still present, and still contains the icons for account switching, notifications, and messages.

Check out more of Instagram’s new look and feel here. (GFB)


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