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Expired Globe Home Prepaid WiFi SIM? Get Easy Replacement for Free



Many turned to the Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi modem at the height of the pandemic to ensure reliable connection for school, work and even entertainment. For some, it served as a lifeline for students and workers who needed backup connectivity for broadband or mobile data.

As the situation slowly goes back to normal with employees returning to work and school, some may have been unable to load and use their modems for a while, leaving their SIM expired.

Your SIM needs to be replaced if the network light on your modem is still red after several reset attempts. Thankfully, you can now get a Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi SIM replacement for free. Book an appointment, bring your Home Prepaid WiFi modem and go to the nearest store and Globe will replace the SIM for you. Keep your account active by loading and maintaining at least P10 in load.

“We at Globe At Home care for our customers and provide them with easy, convenient, and free SIM replacement so they can continue to maximize the investment they made when they purchased their home prepaid wifi,” said Barbie Dapul, Globe At Home VP for Marketing.

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