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Employee-Volunteers Join Refo and Arboretum Project in Cebu



PTY employee-volunteers (L-R) Jusine Rostani, Masayoshi Nakajima, Joel Montuerto, Rowel Bustillo, Leonard Desucatan, and Khevin Garcia

Employee-volunteers of Taiyo Yuden Philippines, Inc. (PTY) participated in a tree planting initiative in Barangay Toong, Cebu City, Cebu. This is Year 3 of the 6-hectare reforestation and arboretum project of PTY with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP).

The employee-volunteers, led by Assistant General Manager Masayoshi Nakajima, planted 100 medicinal and bamboo seedlings, 250 narra seedlings and 250 shrubs in 1 hectare of the area. Among the medicinal seedlings planted were lagundi, lumbang, himbabalud, bignay, and cinnamon. The tree planting activity was held in partnership with the Toong Volunteers Farmers Association.

An electronics component company based in Lapu-Lapu, PTY’s environmental initiatives aims to reduce carbon emissions and overall carbon footprint to fight the impacts of global warming and climate change.

“Our top management understands that this program is a significant activity in communities and for the environment. That’s why we decided to continue regardless of the pandemic. Hopefully, next year, PTY and our employee volunteers can participate in the tree planting without our masks,” said Nakajima.

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