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Calls for Urban Gardening Pushed as Global Food Crisis Looms Amid Russian-Ukrainian Conflict



Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary William Dar called for the public to do urban gardening to mitigate a looming global food crisis as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict continues.

Dar warned of the possible global food crisis during a Laging Handa public briefing, where he said that the community must stand and help farmers and fisherfolks to sustain food supply in the upcoming months, saying each Filipino must be prepared.

Prices of basic farming commodities such as some fertilizers have skyrocketed, along with feeds for poultry, which have doubled.

Dar also called for a more comprehensive plan for the food supply of the country, as he said the global food market has “limited sources,” one of which is Ukraine, a top wheat exporter.

Meanwhile, Dar reported that the country still has ample supplies of rice, fish, and vegetables.

Moreover, Dar also called for the strengthening of the National Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization and Industrialization Plan by the next administration. Saying that if the modernization comes to fruition, it might make the Philippines an agricultural mega-industry. (GFB)


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