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6% Interest Rate for a Savings Account Now Available with Maya Savings



Maya Savings, the digital savings account with a 6% interest that’s as easy to use as an e-wallet, is now available to more Filipinos through the all-in-one money app, Maya.

The feature was launched on early access mode as part of the all-new Maya app just over two weeks ago and due to the overwhelming response from Maya customers, Maya Savings is now available to all upgraded users.

Now, you no longer need to complete missions or wait for your turn to access Maya Savings. If you have an upgraded Maya account, you can already unlock the Maya Savings feature on your app. Upgrading your account is easy – all you need is just one valid ID. And once you have a Savings account, there is no minimum opening and maintaining balance requirement.

Reaching your money goals is much easier with Maya as it offers one of the country’s highest interest rates for a savings deposit account. What’s even better is that this 6% interest applies to all customers with a Maya Savings account.

Maya Savings is powered by the BSP-licensed digital bank Maya Bank. With this, it is seamlessly accessible via the Maya app – customers can effortlessly move money from their Maya wallet to Maya Savings with just a couple of clicks in the app to start earning interest on their balance. There is no need to log in, submit another application, or provide personal data to another third-party bank.

This initial offer is available until August 31, 2022.

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