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World Read Aloud Day



“Are you busy?” I asked my friend V on the phone.

“About to read aloud a story to my grandson,” she replied.

“You’re three months too late,” I joked.

“What? Why?”

“The World Read Aloud Day happened on the first Wednesday of February,” I said laughing.

“There is a World Read Aloud Day?!” she was incredulous.

“Every year,” I said in jest, “but not too many people are aware of it. Hahaha! Let me send you my blog on it,” I boasted.

It turned out I had not written about it. It was all in my mind.

So I called her back and said, “Sorry, the joke’s on me. I thought I had already blogged about it, but I-”

“Totally forgot!” she supplied the missing words.

“Hahahas” crackled from both ends of the line.

Those two phone calls once again proved that my friend(s) and I have reached that life stage where “I totally forgot” and “It escaped my mind” are common excuses for mental lapses.

It’s a few months too late, but let me upload screenshots of that day when I actually read aloud my book “Gone?” for kids virtually. I had more slides than what you see here, but I chose these to stress that beyond all the important benefits of reading, the most vital is:

Kids who love books will love the Word more—with its many grace stories (awesome, fearsome; uplifting, exciting; glorious, joyous; name it)—because they will discover how God weaves all these narratives to show His great Love for them, for all.

If you are a grandma like I am, try to read aloud a Bible story to your grandchildren often, even before they can read.

“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” (Isaiah 40:8 NIV)


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