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What Salary Should You Be Earning? Know Your Worth With This Salary Guide Tool



Whether you are a fresh graduate who needs guidance on current salary range in the industry you want to apply to, a job hunter who aspires to shift to an entirely new industry, or an employee who wishes to negotiate your current pay, the salary guide by Jobstreet is the perfect tool you can use to advance in your career journey.

“One of the challenges that job hunters often face, especially if they’re new to the industry or a fresh graduate, is the lack of information on the salary they are worthy of. The Career Tool’s salary guide is here to spare you the struggle and provide our jobseekers with the current salary trends specific to their positions and industries of their interest,” shared Jobstreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca.

To access and use the feature, jobseekers only need to visit JobStreet’s Career Tools and enter specialization, experience level, industry, and monthly base salary.

Once data is generated, candidates will see a graph indicating the lowest, the median, and the highest pay in the industry specified and tells you where your salary stands in comparison. The results are based on JobStreet employer ads for the last 12 months.

The tool also provides information on which industries pay well for your specialization or the services you offer. It ranks top-performing industries based on the median salary paid to those services each month. Getting to know this information can open your doors to other industries where your career can better flourish.

If you are up for a better understanding of salary trends, the tool likewise shows its users the salary industry trends. With the use of graphs, it displays a ranking of the top and least performing specializations for the past three years, as well as the progression of your specialization’s performance. This aims to aid candidates in gauging how valued certain specializations are in the job market and help you make smarter choices when seeking jobs.

JobStreet Salary Guide offers to ease the burden among jobseekers and eliminate the hindrance of operating on a blank slate, as it provides candidates with the salary information that they seek, need, and ultimately deserve to make informed career choices.

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