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Does Conflict Play a Big Part In a Successful Business?



Conflict is a terrifying term for most business organizations. It conjures up images of workers and executives who are unhappy and stressed, not to mention it weakens the development of the work process. When leaders look deeper into these noteworthy examples, they may wonder: Can disagreement actually help an organization rather than hurt it?

Avoiding Decision Paralysis

Because no one wants to publicly contradict one another, team members nod their heads in agreement during meetings and then fail to follow through on action items. It’s important to eventually reach a conclusion. Disagreements exist and instead of avoiding them, it’s better to speak up so it can be open to discussion and everyone can address the conflict in a strategic and professional way.

In Taking People With You, David Novak, co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Yum! Brands write, “The road to real alignment is often paved with conflict.”

Encouragement of Innovation and Creativity

It’s worth noting that “creative energy” thrives in “psychologically safe” contexts, where people may take risks without feeling nervous or humiliated. Companies known for thinking outside the box have taken precautions to ensure employee safety while pursuing innovation. This opens the opportunity for leaders to foster psychological safety and encourage creativity from workers for great and fresh results.

Producing Great Leaders

Managing conflict can be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the larger ecosystem that is causing the disagreement, as well as how conflict resolution efforts will resonate across that said ecosystem. To be respected, leaders must act responsibly. Leadership is not a popularity contest; it is a serious obligation that entails maximizing the potential of individuals, teams, and the business as a whole.

At work, conflict resolution is a daily occurrence that can either propel or impede a leader’s, team’s, or organization’s momentum. Conflict must be embraced and even nurtured by leaders as a necessary aspect of an organization’s growth. They will be able to generate innovation, save time and money, and develop into the greatest leaders they can be by doing so.


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