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What Citizens Want from the Marcos Jr. Administration from a Business Perspective



Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has held on to an insurmountable lead over Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo in this 2022 national election. With a Bongbong Marcos presidency now imminent, Metro Cebu News has asked citizens from all walks of life on their wishlist for the Marcos Jr. administration, and what they want the upcoming administration to achieve.

Now, Metro Cebu News asked entrepreneurs about their expectations from the Marcos administration, here’s what they have to say:

Daniel, a second-generation owner of a rice distribution family business in Cebu, said that he wishes for the Marcos administration to slash the expenses that come with having a business in the rice industry.

“Cheaper gasoline, cheaper importation of rice, ug less ang tubig ug kuryente,” Daniel said.

Daniel expounded on his wishlist for the president, saying “Cheaper gasoline para inig deliever namo, maka-save sa gasoline nya ma-lessen sab ang presyo sa bugas. Cheaper rice importation para dili na ma monopolize sa local distributors (from Manila) ang rice, Nya less tubig ug kuryente para maka-save sa business expenses.”

When asked about Bongbong Marcos’ plan to have rice available at Php20 per kilo, Daniel said that while technically, it is possible, it is highly unlikely to happen.

“Ipa-barato ang importation of rice from Vietnam ug uban pang countries,” he said, adding that while rice prices will surely go down as expenses are slashed, the price will not reach as low as Php20.

Vada, who owns a pastry shop in Marikina, said that it will be good if Bongbong makes it easier for small business owners to sustain their businesses through fewer tax burdens and easier processes for business registration.

“Lesser to no tax for businesses with a net income of Php30,000,” Vada said.

She added that it is important for the government to include the impartation of knowledge on why permits are required.

“Sa business requirements naman, yung mga papeles, like the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), sanitary, business permits, mas maganda kung assisted ‘yun, or libre kahit sa unang registration lang, lalo na sa mga uneducated about dun. Para mabigyan sila ng opportunity na maging legal, at the same time, maging knowledgeable sa mga process.”

The pastry owner went on to talk about the sanitary permits for food and beverage businesses, saying that some business owners find it a hassle to secure sanitary permits, without knowing it ensures the protection of both the business and the customer.

“Parang yung sa sanitary permit, marami gusto magbenta ng food. Para na yon sa protection ng consumer pati sa business,” she said.

The Marcos administration will acquire an economy that seems to be on the brink of a full recovery, as the Philippines performed well economically in the past quarters, exceeding the forecast of most analysts.

However, the Marcos administration will also have to weave its way on several concerns, such as a looming global food crisis due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, geopolitics as the rest of the world chooses sides as global conflict is highly possible, surges of COVID-19 in the country should minimum health protocols be not maintained, and multiple attempts by groups to prematurely end his reign. (GFB)



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