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Hershey’s Philippines Releases Limited Edition ‘HerShe’ Bars



This March, Hershey’s Philippines celebrates the real power of women. Inspired greatly by this purpose, it has transformed its iconic chocolate bar packaging into a canvas of the achievements and contributions of four extraordinary Filipino women.

The packaging that features Fredeswinda Gaspar Samonte of the PGH Cancer Survivors Organization shows a lavender ribbon which is a symbol for cancer as well as the color purple (represents bravery) and blue (represents calmness) in the background.

In time for International Women’s Day, Hershey’s Philippines collaborated with four unsung Filipino heroes—Malou Perez, Kate Alvarez, Sabrina Tamayo, and Fredeswinda Samonte—all admirable women whose work has helped to inspire many Filipinos.

The limited special “HerShe” packaging features photos of these four phenomenal women laid out on designs that showcase their stories and contributions to their communities.

The packaging that features Malou Perez of Pawssion Project shows different kinds of dogs and cats with a home. Malou’s warm hug with the dog symbolizes compassion for the voiceless dogs and cats in distress.

Malou Perez heads PAWSsion Project, an organization rescuing and rehoming distressed cats and dogs, while Kate Alvarez created SOS – Survivors of Suicide and Depression, an online mental health support group. Sabrina Tamayo’s Project SMILE aids persons with disabilities by connecting them with employment and other sources of livelihood and support. Freswinda Samonte of PGH’s Cancer Survivors Organization works actively to help support cancer patients.

The packaging that features Sabrina Tamayo of the Project Smile Philippines shows hearts, smiling emojis, and a key to symbolize love, care, and opportunity, respectively as well as the color yellow as a symbol of happiness, warmth, and sunshine.

Nica Babia and Eunice Carbonel, two up-and-coming Filipina illustrators, created the artworks. These reflect the advocacies through vibrant designs and colors to celebrate these incredible women and feature their causes.

“The Hershey’s IWD packs were designed to give honor to our unsung sheroes who quietly, with bravery and kindness, touch and change the lives of many. The four women and what they’re fighting for have deeply moved us,” Babia said.

The packaging that features Kate Alvarez of the SOS Philippines (Survivors of Suicide and Depression) shows the blooming flowers and leaves that symbolize love, hope, and healing.

Carbonel shared, “I think what inspired me is how kindness is contagious and how it helps us have a sense of connection towards others. It does not have to be big, and it certainly does not have to be related to money.”

To learn more about this campaign, visit the official Hershey’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

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