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Why Plan B Overtakes the “Bahala Na” Mindset



The pandemic has urged many Filipinos to correct their “bahala na” or “what will be, will be” attitude, and make adequate preparations for their future.

They may have successful businesses, good jobs, nice houses, cars, and happy families. However, the experience of facing COVID-19 has taught Filipinos that all these could easily be compromised. The pandemic has made more Filipinos more vigilant to protect their and their loved ones’ welfare.

According to BDO Life, one’s education, income, business, investments, and savings make up Plan A. For Plan A to succeed, one will need to stay healthy, energetic, and alive long enough to complete these financial goals. This, of course, isn’t possible.

“Rather than leave the fate of your family to ‘bahala na,’ you, as the provider, can create a Plan B or safety net. A life insurance policy is the only financial instrument that will answer for your family’s expenses and emergency needs for a desired period of time if you prematurely pass away,” said the life insurance firm.

“With a Plan B in place, you employ the ‘bahala na’ attitude in the best sense: ‘Bahala na. May Plan B ako. Anuman ang mangyari, may sasagot sa pamilya ko!’”

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