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Three Asia’s Inspiring Women Winners of Brands for Good 2021- 22



In this modern day and age, there’s a lot that we can learn from inspiring women like the winners of Brands for Good 2021/22.

Kay Wong, the Creative Director of Dream Nation Limited, is one such influential leader. Over the past 10 years, Dream Nation has sold to over 80 shops across the globe and dresses several celebrities like Juliette Binoche and Kesha. Under Kay’s influence, the company has also built sustainable collaborations with a range of brands including Urban Outfitters, Shangri-La, Peter Jensen, and the Old Curiosity Shop.

Another Brands for Good winner is Wong Sze Keed, CEO of AIA Singapore Pte Ltd is. She strongly believes that people should be awarded based on their talents and merits, regardless of their gender or background. This line of thought, if applied by men as well, can go a long way in reducing discrimination, financial fraud, and other kinds of crimes in society.

And, finally, the woman behind Brands for Good, Esther Wee, discovers these wonderful and influential women and rewards them to keep them encouraged in their motives.

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