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Singing Can Make You Healthier and Happier, Science Says



Hobbies are much more than a fun way to pass the time, according to a wealth of study. They improve your work performance while also increasing your resilience and creativity. And a growing body of evidence suggests that stressed-out business owners, in particular, can benefit by disconnecting and returning to their businesses with new eyes.

All of this adds up to a persuasive argument for having a hobby. But the question is, which pastime should you pursue? Of course, this is a completely personal choice based on your skills and tastes, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, science offers an unusual suggestion: try singing.

Why singing?

For starters, it’s frequently sociable. In a garage band, church choir, or local chorus, we sing with others. According to studies, raising your voice jointly in this manner isn’t simply another activity that helps you meet new people, it also actively helps you build closer ties with those new acquaintances. However, singing is more than just an emotional glue that helps us bond with others. Solo singing has its own set of advantages. Melissa Forbes, a singing professor, recently published an article in The Conversation outlining the various mental and physical health advantages of singing.

“Singing is increasingly being used to help improve respiratory health for a wide range of health conditions, including those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Parkinson’s, asthma, and cancer. Because singing provides such a great workout for the respiratory system, it is even being used to help people suffering from long COVID,” she stated.

Singing not only helps calm your mind and concentrate your body, it also promotes what psychologists term “flow state,” which is the pleasant sensation when you are losing track of time due to being too absorbed in an activity.

This kind of flow can be created by a variety of activities. If you’re looking for a simple activity with proven social, physical, and emotional benefits, consider singing more.

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