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Let Go, Let God



Here’s what I do when something honorable becomes so popular and people start trivializing it: I stop listening.

This was what happened to the song Let God, Let Go by DeWayne Woods after the record was launched in 2007. It hit the top of the charts and won multiple awards. Pretty soon, thousands of images of the title crammed the Net and everyone had everything to say about it—from left to right, and back.

But when a girl of 18 eloquently speaks about it behind the pulpit, citing her own personal experiences, one sits up and listens again—this time, with new ears.

Abigail shares her struggles with her choice of career and other dilemmas a girl her age goes through. And she makes the song relevant even to someone who has stopped listening. Her testimony does not trivialize the song, it gives it fresh meaning—it is is real-life experience with a living Savior. She let go and let God.

The song was written and produced by P.J. Morton, but when DeWayne Woods heard it the first time, he exclaimed, “It’s like you lived my whole life!” So when DeWayne recorded the composition, he sang it so passionately like it were his own.

DeWayne has been battling the HIV virus for years. As he sang the song, however, DeWayne looked up and said, “You know what God? I’m going to let go and I’m gonna let you handle this situation. I know I can’t do anything more than speak Your word and live off the promises You gave me.”

When you let go and let God, things will turn around in your life—was DeWayne’s message, the same as Abigail’s, albeit under different circumstances.

DeWayne has stopped all medications and he believes that he has been healed since that point when he said, “My passions have to change.” His testimony: he turned everything toward God.

Let Go, Let God is a praise and worship song particularly of healing. People can pick it up in their weakest or strongest hour and God’s grace flows. If the Lord wills, we can be healed from whatever ailment—physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Remember Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane before he was arrested? “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

Yes, Jesus prayed to God to stop what was to come. But after asking the Lord what he hoped for, he submitted all, “but . . . Your will, not mine.”

Christ did let go and let God.


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