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From Crisis to Breakthrough: Reimagining Your Work



Routines give us comfort. Knowing what to expect from work processes and team member roles provides a sense of security. From the daily commute to our favorite coffee spot, to the processes for getting work done, we have a framework we can generally count on, even with a few unknowns thrown into the mix.

A crisis shakes up the routine and throws expectations out the window. It’s disorienting and difficult to know what to do.

When Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem, he wisely invested time to understand the reality the people were facing before he told them his plan. He went alone to examine the wall so he understood the extent of the damage and the work required. He was aware of the opposition they faced. Nehemiah took time to determine what his role needed to be so he could successfully help the people.

Like Nehemiah, we need to invest time to understand and grasp the reality of what we’re facing in a crisis. Blowing it out of proportion can motivate us to react foolishly. Underestimating the situation can cause us to be overly optimistic. In either case, we are likely to take actions that only cause more damage.

God commands us to be strong and courageous because He is with us and will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5)—no matter how dire the situation seems to be. Our part is to:

Abide in Christ consistently. Allow the crisis to bring you into a deeper dependence on God.

Invest in understanding reality. Realistically assess things such as financial impacts, team member concerns, resources available, and resources needed.

Be a light. Believers have an opportunity to be a beacon of light for others in the midst of crisis and point others to Christ.

What steps do you need to take to get a better grasp on the reality of the crisis you face? What obstacles do you face? Who can you go to for support? How will you use this experience to deepen your relationship with Jesus?

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