17 Breathtaking Destinations To Go Soul-Searching In The Philippines — Part 2

17 Breathtaking Destinations To Go Soul-Searching In The Philippines — Part 2

9 Bellarocca Island, Marinduque

Bellarocca Island, with its majestic sea waters and Santorini-inspired buildings, is an absolute treat to the eyes for travelers and troubled souls. Although some of the island’s parts are industrialized, Bellarocca still has a cornucopia of fun-filled outdoor thrills to offer to its visitors, such as windsurfing, trekking, spelunking and a whole lot more.

10 Bantayan Island, Cebu

bantayan island

Bantayan IslandDeemed as the ultimate Holy Week destination in the Philippines, Bantayan Island is a dramatic and tranquil sanctuary that has enchanting beaches lined with palm trees. Even though Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) ravaged houses, building and the flora on this island, it remains a breathtaking utopia to this day.

11 Palaui Island, Cagayan


Palaui is a remote island located at Luzon’s northeastern section. In this breezy destination, you may enjoy a handful of activities that will let you refresh your mind, including bathing in refreshing a waterfall, trekking through dense forests, and visiting the island’s lighthouses.

12 Siquijor


Siquijor is a tiny island province in the Philippines that has always been associated with supernatural beings, sorcery and voodoo. For years, countless of people all over the Philippines have been suggesting that the island is drenched mystery, witchcraft and magic. Whether these claims are true or not, travelers who will come to Siquijor will be enchanted by splendor of its nature parks, waterfalls and beaches.

Photo credit: Bert Fuentes

13 Hinatuan Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur


Mystical and simply gorgeous, Hinatuan Enchanted River is an astonishing must-visit destination in the Philippines. With its enchanting blue waters, rock pools and palm trees, Hinatuan Enchanted River is nothing short of paradise.

14 Mount Apo, Davao City

mt apo

Mount Apo – the highest mountain in the Philippines – is an incredible destination that will give you an unforgettable soul-searching escape. With an impressive elevation of over 9,000 feet, Mount Apo offers outstanding sweeping panoramas that will awestruck even some of the seasoned nature photographers in the Philippines. Even if you’re into mountain climbing or outdoor adventures, you can still enjoy the mountain’s majestic sight from below while munching on Davao’s delectable delicacies, such as Durian and fresh seafood.

15 Sambawan Island, Biliran


Sambawan is an immaculately beautiful island blessed with spectacular sandy beaches, rich marine life, and prismatic coral gardens, making it a superb destination for snorkelers and intrepid divers. In addition, the island has a magnificent coastline and a heart-melting sunrise.

16 Mount Pulag

mount pulag

Reaching the summit of Mount Pulag is not only fulfilling, but it will let you do some reflection on your life as well. Aptly nicknamed as “the playground of the gods”, Mount Pulag also has breathtaking vistas that will make your realize how beautiful Mother Nature’s creations are.

17 Apo Island, Negros Island


Listed by the Sport Diver Magazine as one of the world’s top diving spots, Apo Island is a marvelous place that will wow you as well as heal your troubled soul with its colorful marine life, eye-catching rock formations and fabulous white sands.

Honestly, the places mentioned in this list are just the tip of the iceberg. With over 7,000 beautiful islands to visit, the Philippines indeed has a whole slew of scenic places and serene coves to offer to folks who are longing for a soul-searching layoff. So, start exploring the Philippines now, and discover its endless array of wonders, spectacles and treasures.

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