50 Must-try Things To Do In Cebu — Part 3

50 Must-try Things To Do In Cebu — Part 3

21. Pay homage to Santo Niño

Lit a few candles, and say your prayers to the Supreme Being at Santo Niño, home of the oldest church in the country.

22. The heart-pounding thrills at Crown Regency


For those who are looking for an extra dose of adventure within the city, make your way to the Crown Regency Hotel, and try their spine-tingling activities like the Vertical Climb, Urban Zipline, and Coaster.

23. Gun firing

Experience Cebu with a bang by firing off a few rounds at Crown Regency’s Ultima Sharp Shooters Club.

24. A view from the “Tops”


One of the most romantic spots in Cebu, Tops is definitely an awesome park that has lived up to its name and billing. On a good and clear day, Tops will give you breathtaking panoramas of Cebu, the sea and its adjacent islands.

25. Chill out and listen to sensational live music

Hang out with the coolest musicians and kids in the town at the Outpost.

26. Karaoke

There are literally hundreds of places in Cebu, where you can sing your favorite karaoke tracks.

A friendly tip

Don’t have the guts to sing in public or in front of a bunch of friends? I suggest that you drink a few ice-cold bottles of Red Horse Beer. Not only will drinking help you overcome your fear of singing in public, but it can also increase your scores in the karaoke machine. Don’t believe me? Just give it a shot, and you’ll notice your scores improve drastically.

27. Buy seafood and Cebuano goodies in Tabo-an

Tabo-an market offers the best deals for seafood delights like the dili, squid, tuyo and danggit. As you drop by this market, you will also find a handful of other Cebuano delicacies, such as otap, and dried mangoes.

28. Wander around Carbon market


Frenetic, vibrant and supremely colorful, the Carbon Market is the place to be, when buying fresh vegetables and fruits as well as cheap clothes, handicrafts, shoes, toys and more. Here, not only will you get good deals for produce and items, but you will also get a chance to savor exotic Filipino culinary treats, such as balut and isaw.

29. A glimpse of Cebu’s history

cebu history

Delve into the gripping history of Cebu by making a quick sojourn to the Heritage of Cebu Monument.

30. Pay homage to the Magellan’s Cross

magellan's cross

The Magellan’s Cross, which is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, draws throngs of foreign travelers and locals every day, thanks to its religious significance in the country’s history.

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(by Aldrich Infantado of Trekeffect)