Military medical officers carry a patient to an ambulance at the hospital in Ya'an, China, on Monday, April 22, three days after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit China's southwest Sichuan Province. The death toll is rising as rescue works scramble to find survivors and bodies. Image credit:

China Quake Death Toll Rises, Rescue Teams Hasten Full Response

China Quake Death Toll Rises, Rescue Teams Hasten Full Response

Rescue workers are launching a massive search and rescue operation as death toll continues to rise days after the deadly quake that hit the Chinese province of Sichuan.

In a report by Chinese state media, the 6.6-magnitude quake killed at least 190 people and injured at least 11,000.

According to the state media, more than 18,000 soldiers have already been sent to aid in the rescue operations. Soldiers and police are searching day and night for survivors but rescue operations are often delayed by bad weather and frequent aftershocks.

Rescue workers have already reached some of the affected remote villages but there is difficulty sending out relief trucks in the area due to the landslides that block the road.

According to Zhou Shaohua, chief surgeon at the People’s Hospital of Lushan where most of the victims are being treated, most of the affected areas are spread out in the mountains making it hard for the rescuers to reach the injured and get them to safety.

Families based in Sichuan are now living in makeshift tents after the quake destroyed their homes. Chinese authorities are working double time to provide quick response to the thousands of victims in the affected areas.

Sichuan province was also hit by a strong quake five years ago that claimed the lives of thousands and left millions homeless.